SMA Online Academy!

Ready to Sign Up for our Online Academy?

Ready to Sign Up for our Online Academy and our LIVE group workouts?

We at SMA pride ourselves on two things – Education and Culture, and during times like COVID-19 we are unable to provide you with the usual education through 1-on-1 coaching, in person advice, and seminars, and we are also unable to create our usual sense of community provided through attending the gym, group classes and monthly social events.

Now it is important to find new ways to stay educated, plugged into the community, and also continue your health and fitness journey during isolation.

This is how the Team at SMA are going to help you through these times!

Welcome to Strength and Motion’s Online Academy!

We have created an Online Platform, an Academy actually (Strength and Motion Academy style), where all paying members of SMA will receive a unique log in. Within this Academy you will receive a full holistic approach to improving your health, whether it’s physically, mindfully or spiritually.

What will you find within our Online Platform?

Home Workouts

Firstly, your innovative ways to workout at home. It is our first goal to help you get moving! Whether your result is to gain more muscle or strength, increase your cardio, lose weight, learn how to do boxing, improve on your mobility, do some yoga, and/or relieve some pain, we have it all.

We have 3 different 45-60 minute workout days for the below results:

  • Flexibility
  • HIIT
  • Strength
  • Muscle
  • Boxing
  • Yoga

Simply click your desired result and watch the video for an explanation and demo on how to accomplish the workout. PLUS! Not only do we have educational videos on each workout day we also have a downloadable workout program sheet for you to track your workouts and improve on your progression, because remember… “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” You working out at home in isolation does NOT mean you shouldn’t be aiming for progression and improvement.

Daily Live Morning Rituals

Secondly, we will provide morning motivation, mindfulness and mindset practices. Have you lost your job? Are you stressed about the uncertainty of these times? Has a loved one been affected by COVID-19? During times like this when stress and tension levels are high it is important to practice peace and mindfulness, and we at SMA preach and practice a holistic approach to life and we want to help you achieve the same.

Every morning Coach Joel Stoianis will do a live Zoom video helping you through different motivational, mindfulness, mindset, and movement practices to help prime you for your day so jump on in and start your day right!

Here are the topics being discussed on the first 7 days, and don’t stress if you miss a morning or can’t make the morning sessions as Joel will be uploading all videos to the Online Academy for you to watch whenever it suits you best.

Our Original Online Academy

Thirdly, access to our previous Online Academy which provides education on nutrition such as calories, macronutrients, calorie tracking through MyFitnessPal, and how to create a meal plan. You will also find videos on your Big 6 Compound exercises and their variations, accessory exercises, and how to create your own training, including templates for 3-6 day workout plans, specific to Strength, Muscle gain, or Fat loss, AND whether your male or female.

The original Online Academy was created to deliver education on everything exercise, nutrition and mobility to help our members gain results. We have decided to keep this as part of the new Online Academy as there is a lot of good information and seeing that you’re now stuck in isolation, why not use this time to educate yourself more on health and fitness?

Ready to Sign up to our Online Academy?

15-25 Minute Workouts

Fourthly, if you want a quick 15 minute workout, we got you! We will also provide you with quick and easy 15 minute workouts for you to do at home. These are for those that don’t want to do the 45-60 minute workouts, or, if you want to just chuck in some extra exercise here or there, because why not? What else will you be doing in isolation, right?

COVID-19 Seminar - Community Immunity

Sixthly (Is this even a word? Geez we offer a lot!), Our COVID-19 seminar has been uploaded for FREE to SMOA! On the 28th of March SMA hosted a live video of our 19 Ways to Beat COVID-19 seminar. In this seminar we discussed ways to improve our health and immune system to help us against the battle of diseases, such as COVID-19. This seminar has been uploaded to our Online Academy for you to watch at your own pleasure. By the way, this is a 2 hour seminar, full of golden nuggets, so please, if you have some time, check it out!

LIVE Group Workouts

Last, but certainly not least! We will be hosting live Group Workouts through Zoom. These Group Workouts are the same as our usual SMA Group Fitness Workouts, such as Bootcamp, HIIT, Yoga and Strength Camp, however they will all be done digitally. Our amazing Coaches at SMA will invite you to a Zoom chat to join in on our Live Zoom Workouts.

This is a service only provided to our members that are paying for our Group Fitness Membership. Message us if you’re interested in Group Fitness workouts!

Group Fitness Memberships include access to the Online Academy and our LIVE fitness sessions

Just going to stroke our own egos over here… DAMN THAT ONLINE ACADEMY IS PACKED WITH GOODIES!

There is one more thing we are delivering to our members…

A Private Facebook Group! 

Why is this so important?

Because we see all of the workouts on Social Media, and we also know that you’re most likely not going to do them without support and accountability. You may not even do our workouts without our support and accountability either.

There is a reason why ~80% of gym members are “sleepers”. Did you know that ~80% of franchise/large gyms members are “sleepers”? A sleeper is a member that pays for the gym without attending. By the way, our gym’s sleeper rate is HALF that, and we believe it is due to our Results Driven mindset, community and accountability.

So, for us to keep you motivated we have created a Facebook Group, private to our members, where we will host weekly Q&As and other fun engagements so that you don’t feel lonely during these times of isolation.

We are in this together! We are all experiencing some sort of effect from COVID-19 and this is our part to help our community stay healthy holistically, whilst also giving back to those that have supported us and continue to support us.

If you are a member you should have received your login details to the Online Academy already, also with details on how to join the Private Facebook Group. If you haven’t please send us a message or email at

If you aren’t a member and you’re interested in the Online Academy and Private Facebook Group then feel free to send us a message or email at

You can also sign yourself up online using one of the two links below. You will receive your access details via email after completing your signup.

Much love,

The SMA Team <3


Online Academy Membership

$18per week
$18per week
  • Nutrition
  • Meal Plans
  • Home Workouts for any goal
  • Individual Exercise Tutorials
  • Mobility
  • Programs and how to do your own programming
  • Community Immunity Seminar - How to keep your immune system in top condition
  • Morning Motivation, Mindfullness & Minset Course
  • 15 Minute Quick Workouts

Online Academy & Group Fitness Membership

$33per week
$33per week
  • Nutrition
  • Meal Plans
  • Home Workouts for any goal
  • Individual Exercise Tutorials
  • Mobility
  • Programs and how to do your own programming
  • Community Immunity Seminar - How to keep your immune system in top condition
  • Morning Motivation, Mindfullness & Minset Course
  • 15 Minute Quick Workouts
  • Supportive Group Fitenss Specific Facebook Community
  • LIVE group fitness sessions with our amazing coaches