Karen with Coach Kirsty Holmes

SMA where do I start. I have been going to SMA since July 2018 and love it.

I have never been a gym person, but this place is more than a gym. Learning how to use correct techniques and muscles to get maximum results has been great after years of playing sport and many injuries.

I have not only transformed in shape, but I am in better mental and physical health than I have
been in years.

This is largely due to my trainer @kirstysholmes . Kirsty is a wealth of knowledge on nutrition, muscle movement and all aspects of fitness. Kirsty’s approach to training has helped me understand my body better and how the get the best results. Kirsty is now an expert on how to get me to move my butt when I don’t want to and would rather give in.

SMA is not just a gym, they have Life Coaches, Body Movement experts, specially designed programs, informative seminars and just awesome staff.

If you want help all you have to do is ask, it’s never too much trouble. To walk in a gym and have staff know your name and to always say hello, makes a huge difference to how you feel after a long day at work. To have staff that love what they do, and it shows make it a great experience.

Keep up the great work SMA ❤️️??