“By eating MORE, I have healed my relationship with food and seen massive physical and mental improvements!”⠀

Jaimee Gibbons ????

After moving back home I trained with Cal at SMA a few times, the people and the whole vibe of the place is amazing! I had to join

Jaimee with Coach Callan

Before training at SMA the biggest challenge I faced was understanding that in order to reach my goals I need to eat more, by doing this I was able to create a positive relationship with food.

Through training with Cal I have had a complete mindset change, I feel like training and nutrition just fits into my lifestyle now, I have a great balance at the moment

Working with Callan is an awesome experience, he is so knowledgeable and loves to share all of his little secrets on how to lift heavy, get strong and build all the muscles.

I have already learnt so much from him and can see such a difference in not only my physical appearance, but mentally as well.
My current goal is to compete in ICN WA Season A (April 2020) and am so excited to be doing this with the guidance of my big brother!

I recommend SMA to everyone it is such a friendly, welcoming and motivating environment where everyone is supported!