I first came to SMA looking to find someone who could do for me what I do for others – push me, coach/encourage me and hold me accountable to some self care! What I got was an entire team of like minded people who not only practice what they preach, but are genuinely invested and care about their FAMILY which is so clearly what this “gym” is (hats of to Navar & Josh ??❤️)

Bon with Coach Courtney

The biggest challenges along the way have really been just adjusting to such a different type of exercise than what I am used to and all of those “firsts” ~ stepping up to equipment I’ve never even seen before and not having a clue what it’s meant to do ? (that and cardio ?☠️) but there is always someone around to help.

Training with Courtney is an actual Joy! Not only does she bring knowledge and some kick ass programs to get you to your goals but an infectious bubbly personality so no matter what is going on in your world you’re guaranteed to leave smiling.