Coach Navar Poole

Favourite thing about SMA

Prior to creating SMA I was on my own fitness journey, attending every gym in the local area and working at your major franchises such as Fitness First. During this journey I noticed a lack of education and culture. What I love about SMA is that there are no mirrors, people are supportive of each other and friendly towards each other, and the coaches are passionate to build upon their knowledge and share it with others!


For as long as I can remember I have always had this deep desire and passion to better myself, through the mind and body, as I believed it was the right step to achieving happiness. As I have embarked on this journey I have found an even more powerful desire, the desire to help others reach happiness through the same means of bettering themselves mentally and physically. The joy I get from seeing my clients reach their goals and gain confidence and happiness along the way is incomparable.

This journey started when I was 17 when I received my Cert 4 in Fitness, to which I then started working at commercial gyms. I then received a job working for Immigration in Detention Centers as a Personal Trainer. After working for others and realising I wanted to change the industry and that the best way for me to do so was to go out on my way, I then opened up my own Personal Training Studio called “Simply Strong”. After only a year of owning my own studio I was overwhelmed with clients and requests, I had to turn away 5-10 people a week and unfortunately, I had no one local to refer these people onto. This is when it clicked… “I have to open a larger gym”. Now here I am, co-owner of Strength and Motion Academy, the 24/7 gym that holds all of the same values within the staff and walls.

Not only have I been a coach for 9 years, but I have also personally experienced many areas of fitness. From martial arts, to muscle building and preparing for a physique competition, to powerlifting where I had in gym totals of 180kg low-bar squat, 145kg bench press, and 245kg deadlift whilst only weighing 74kgs, to now where I am back to my original passion for martial arts, movement, and strength and conditioning.

It has been a long 9 years and still my mission to this day stands strong – to continue on my journey of finding methods and tools that will help all of us reach a better us and a happier world.

If you’re looking for any advice in relations to fat loss, strength and conditioning, powerlifting, muscle gain/hypertrophy, general fitness, mindset, habits/goal setting, nutrition, and anything relatable to a better lifestyle, then contact me and we will achieve all your goals together.


Cert III and IV in Fitness

Bachelors in Counselling



Strength Training

Strength and Conditioning

Boxing and Muay Thai

Life Coaching