Coach Mereki Wingard

Favourite thing about SMA

My favourite thing about SMA is the people, no matter the demographic SMA is really like a giant family. The support and friendship is almost too good to be true.


Throughout my youth sports was a major passion of mine and something I therefore excelled at. Throughout all of my years if I decide to do something I will put in my best effort. I did ATAR at school and at that point the general consensus is that you start to pick your career. So I sat down disregarded any job that was normal and asked myself “what do I love to do, what would I love to do for the rest of my life?” Building a elite fitness kingdom was the answer! It’s taken some twists and turns, however, the theme has stayed true throughout. As part of my business I love Athletic Development, making you perform to your optimal ability.

I want to change lives if you’re interested come and hit me up!


Certificate 3&4 in Health and Fitness



Athletic Development