Coach Kirsty Holmes

Favourite thing about SMA

The community. This gym has awesome vibes, no egos, a motivating and welcoming environment. I love that it is both a place to develop yourself and you can also be yourself.


Fitness was always a major part of my life growing up. Whether it was sports, or staying active at school it was always a big part of who I was and how I learned many skills. It wasn’t until it wasn’t a part of my life anymore that I truly realised the positive impact it had on my physical and mental wellbeing. Towards my late teenage years, the pressure of study and the lack of team sports led me to become slowly more sedentary. My mental and physical health suffered and I understood how crucial looking after your health is to achieving happiness in life.

It wasn’t until I joined a gym on a whim that I realised that I could feel that power and freedom again in my own body. It’s almost like training gives you superpowers. Not only are you able to physically handle what you could not do before but it enforces a positive mental attitude towards growth, improvement and accepting challenge. And it kept me improving. So once I got to Uni I switched my degree from Zoology to Sports Science and completed my Cert IV in Fitness, with the goal to share the power of training with others.

Now my dreams include building a supportive community all over the world sharing the power of fitness, nutrition and mindset on our lives to make the world a more positive and healthier place. I particularly want to help women discover their belief in themselves through their health and rise to achieve their full potential. A life lived with strength is a life that can overcome any obstacle. I believe it empowers people physically, mentally and builds their internal confidence and self-belief to face life.My aim is to help as many people find fitness as I did, to change their life.


Bachelor of Science (Sport Science, Exercise and Health)

Cert III & IV in Fitness

Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy



Women’s Health and Fitness

PowHerful Program – An empowering community to develop women’s physical, mental and emotional health.

Strength Training

High Intensity Interval Training

Group Classes