Coach Josh Hardy

Favourite thing about SMA

The gym was handbuilt with love. I say this because I spent 6 months building every piece of this gym so to me, every piece, corner, edge and surface is a representation of me overcoming my biggest fear of quitting my job and committing 100% to building my first business and the life I wanted to live.


Born in Greenmount, grew up in Swan View and Darlington, playing sports my whole youth. Graduated La Salle College in 2010 and after few labour based jobs I started my Heavy Deisel Mechanic Apprenticeship in 2013. During that time I got into personal development by attending seminars, reading books and listening to podcasts.


By the end of my 3rd year as an apprentice, I had grown my fitness Instagram account to 6,000 followers and had my first online client in Brazil. As a 4th year on March 2016, I bought my first business, a Male Stripping Agency. By April, I was signed off as a tradesman and spent May – October building SMA by hand. My dream was to build a life where I could impact the world by passionately speaking and coaching people to be healthier and happier.


Cert III Engineering (Heavy Duty Mechanic)

Heavy Diesel Mechanic Trade Certificate

Years of hard work



Human Optimisation Coaching

Bodyweight training and calisthenics

Athletic development

Mobility and Active ROM

Explaining things on a whiteboard

Working harder than anyone else

Getting stressed

Managing stress