Coach Joel Stoianis

Favourite thing about SMA

I love the atmosphere and culture here at SMA. Our members all take training seriously and support each other in that process.


I studied engineering from the age of 19-23 and during this time I found fitness. As soon as I joined a gym and started training I was hooked. I gained an instant passion for this topic and became obsessed with learning everything I could get my hands on about the human body.


After graduating engineering I knew I had to pursue a life in fitness and health, so I worked as a labourer, saved all my money and gained my qualification in personal training. When I became a trainer, I found that most of my clients struggled with behavioural change, and pain and tension influencing their training and day to day life. So since then I have learned how to help people change behaviour, and fix their pain so they can create the life they truly want.


Certificate 3 & 4 in fitness

Certified FRC Mobility Specialist

Level 2 NeuroKinetic Therapy Instructor



Treating chronic pain (back, shoulders, hips etc)

Lifestyle & Mindset Coaching

Improving posture and movement

Creating long term results through behaviour change