Callan Gibbons

Favourite thing about SMA

The welcoming and supportive community. Being able to come to the gym and feel welcome makes it so much easier to keep coming back and it sets SMA apart from everywhere else.


Training has always been a way for me to become a better version of myself. Initially I used training as a way to improve my body composition, put on some muscle and improve my confidence like a lot of young guys. During this process I discovered my love of strength training, specifically powerlifting. This passion pushed me to compete and earn a silver medal on the international stage whilst representing Australia.


Not only do I have the passion to improve my own strength but also that of others. Completing an Exercise and Sport Science degree allowed me to share my knowledge and skills with as many people as possible. I know how much training and improving myself has helped me and I aim to help as many people as possible to also become their best self.


Bachelor of Science (Exercise and Sport Science)



Strength and Conditioning



Body Recomposition