Strength and Motion Academy is a functional training gym in Midvale, Perth Western Australia. We strive to inspire positive physical and mental change and growth in as many people as possible through our vibrant culture and quality education so our members achieve their best results both in the gym and in their lives.

We know why you are looking for a gym! You want to be fitter, healthier, stronger and leaner. So did we when we began training!

After years of training at gyms around the Midvale Area, we felt that they lacked vibe or support from staff and were shrouded in industry fads and incorrect information. By trial and error, our passion for fitness and health led to studying and applying the knowledge to our own training, and achieving our results. But we still craved a place that would be able to share quality information on fitness AND was welcoming and encouraging! A gym should be a home, a supportive environment for open-minded people to train, learn and feel supported and accepted.

And so, Strength and Motion Academy was born. A place where people can achieve their fitness goals is a welcoming, non-judgemental environment.

We provide ongoing education so that every member is always fully equipped to achieve their goals. By teaching fundamentals and principles of training, our members are able to effectively learn life skills so they can remain strong, mobile and healthy for the rest of their lives. Our approach to training is purely functional. No mirrors.

We also nurture a friendly culture day in and day out, that people look forward to and are proud to belong. We have been able to build an environment where members always feel welcome, make friends, and learn from each other, which ultimately ends up with faster results. From the moment you step through the doors, you will feel the vibe.

So, what are you waiting for? Strength and Motion Academy is everything you are looking for in a gym, and more!

Come on down and say hello!

We are located at 4 Elliott Street, Midvale, Western Australia.